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Heinz lives in Switzerland and has Hemophilia A

Welcome to Changing Hemophilia®

Changing Hemophilia® was developed by Novo Nordisk to help address the unmet needs in hemophilia and other rare blood disorders.

We want to be lifelong companions for the hemophilia community, and help to create a future where everyone with hemophilia is diagnosed and can live a life with as few limitations as possible; as well as making more people aware of what it truly means to live with a rare blood disorder.

We have created the Changing Hemophilia® website with the aim to provide all people living with rare blood disorders a place that they can come to find support and advice, from us and from others. Here you will find information about the science behind blood disorders, advice and guidance on living with a blood disorder (from exercise and joint health to relationships, travel and mental health), as well as a dedicated area for parents and carers, and guidance on having discussions with your healthcare team.


“In 2019, through the NNHF-supported project we managed to establish a group of nurses, physiotherapists and paediatricians dedicated to people with hemophilia in Northern Myanmar, where previously there was only myself.”

Shared NNHF project partner Dr Moe Hein

The Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation

Novo Nordisk is proud to support the Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation (NNHF). Since 2005 the NNHF has supported 292 programmes, creating sustainable impact in 77 countries.

The NNHF is a grant-making, non-profit organisation dedicated to improving access to quality care for people living with hemophilia and rare blood disorders in developing and emerging countries. Around 80% of people with hemophilia live in the developing world, where many people are still undiagnosed, and few receive adequate care. NNHF is driven by its vision that all people with hemophilia and rare blood disorders receive adequate care and treatment, wherever they live.

Learn more about the work Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation’s partners have done and are doing, ‘Impacting care, together’.


<b>Life & Hemophilia</b>

Life & Hemophilia

Living with hemophilia is about so much more than the physical impact it can have. Hemophilia is a lifelong condition that affects so many aspects of a person's life.

<b>About Hemophilia</b>

About Hemophilia

There are a number of different rare blood disorders that can affect a range of people, including hemophilia, rare clotting factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders.

<b>Finding support</b>

Finding support

Since the diagnosis, you have probably been doing all you can to support your loved one. However, have you thought about yourself and looked for support?