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Renato lives in Italy and has Hemophilia A

The HERO Study

HERO (Hemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities) is an international, multifaceted initiative that aims to deepen understanding of life with hemophilia. Find out some of the real-world impacts of living with hemophilia from across the globe.

The HERO Study demonstrates the impact of hemophilia on mental health

HERO (Hemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities) is an international, multifaceted, multidisciplinary initiative that aims to deepen understanding of life with hemophilia. The HERO study showed that many people living with hemophilia and parents experience psychological/psychiatric conditions, due to the impact of hemophilia, yet few receive treatment.

of people living with hemophilia have reported having psycological/psychiatric conditions

of people living with hemophilia have received treatment for their psychological conditions

of parents have received psychotherapy or counselling their son’s hemophilia

of parents would have liked to (but did not) receive psycological support

these results demonstrate the need for psychological support for people living with hemophilia and their careers


Novo Nordisk_HERO fact cards.The physical impact of hemophilia greatly influences quality of life. November 2015.



<b>Talking to your healthcare team</b>

Talking to your healthcare team

Visiting your healthcare team can be daunting and you may feel overwhelmed. With that in mind, we have developed this short discussion guide.

HemActive app

HemActive app

The HemActive app has been designed specifically for hemophiliacs and features clear demonstration videos to help people to exercise safely and correctly.

<b>Changing Hemophilia<sup>®</sup> video library</b>

Changing Hemophilia® video library

We found that sharing knowledge and the experiences of others can provide new information and perspectives. Find a number of videos that portray many stories.

<b>Mental health</b>

Mental health

Discover more about the mental health impacts of living with hemophilia and where to find support for yourself or a loved one.